Food Intolerance Management Plan (Shepherd & Gibson)

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Food Intolerance Management Plan

Dr. Sue Shepherd and Dr. Peter Gibson

Viking Books (A$35.00)


Lucky you, if you live in Australia. You can purchase this groundbreaking book without paying international postage.

But …

Lucky you, no matter where you live. Twenty dollars for international postage is a small price to pay, to hold in your hands THE BOOK by THE RESEARCHERS who developed the Low-FODMAP Diet … if you can find a copy.

This sumptuously (and scrumptiously) illustrated book explains the theory behind the Low-FODMAP diet, which originated in Dr. Shepherd’s gastrointestinal research. Besides explaining how and why some of us develop the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, she explains the diet in detail: how the GI tract works, how to implement the diet and put it into practice, how to plan your first week of menus, and how to stay with it—including chapters on eating out and traveling. My two nemeses.

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