Product Review: Nabisco Rice Thins (“White Rice Original”)


Product Review: Nabisco Rice Thins (“White Rice Original”)

For two years, I’ve tried to come up with a FODMAP friendly recipe to satisfy my occasional longing for something light and crunchy. Baking from scratch with gluten-free ingredients is tricky enough without trying to duplicate the distinctive crispiness of uniform commercial crackers. Tapioca Almond Crackers come pretty close. But these Rice Thins are tasty (just salty enough), light and crunchy—excellent dipped in Lemon Almond Basil Pesto—and not prohibitively expensive.

As for their nutritional value: in a word, meh. The only semi-desirable entry on the box-side Nutrition Facts is “2g Protein in 18 crackers.” But wait. That serving of 18 crackers contains only 130 calories. And you won’t be eating crackers to fill the holes in your nutritional needs. You’ll be eating crackers because everyone else at the Downton Abbey marathon will have a plate stacked high with mysterious hors d’oeuvres, and you don’t have time to bake biscotti.

So thaw a jar of frozen pesto—or get creative with what you’ve got on hand (They aren’t bad with peanut butter!), pick up a box of Rice Thins, and settle in.

Ingredients: White rice flour, high oleic safflower oil, salt.