The FODMAP-friendly Vegetable List—plus Eating Out


The basic “generally allowed” list is below. First: If you’re just starting your digestive recovery, you’ll probably find it helpful to cook your vegetables pretty well. I know … there are more nutrients in raw or tender-crisp veggies. But if the food doesn’t stay long enough in your digestive tract for those nutrients to be absorbed, they do you no good. So temporarily (at least), I suggest cooking them until tender-soft (at least), not tender-crisp.

Speaking of cooked vegetables: If you’re eating out, a safe menu request is PLAIN meat, chicken, or fish—cooked in olive oil or butter, but WITHOUT the usual sprinkle of seasoned salt, which generally contains olive oil or garlic—and some white rice with butter or olive oil and herbs but NO ONION OR GARLIC—and a side of well cooked vegetables from the safe list. You’ll probably have to repeat well cooked at least twice for your server to actually hear it. This is a new concept to contemporary chefs: Why would anyone want their veggies other-than-crispy? Keep sending them back until they’re done, if you do find that this helps your tummy. Don’t be a martyr and eat things that you know will cause problems.

And carry a safe muffin into the restaurant if you have any doubts.

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