“Patient Attitudes” toward diet can make a difference

doctorHere’s another “translation for the rest of us” of a FODMAP-relevant science article: Sunanda Kane of the Mayo Clinic, “What physicians don’t know about patient dietary beliefs and behavior can make a difference,” published in 2012 on expert-reviews.com. It’s an evaluation of an article published in the journal Inflamm. Bowel Dis. also in 2012, by Zallot C, Quilliot D, Chevaux JB, et al. That makes this blog report third-hand.

It’s frustrating when our doctors don’t seem to care what we eat. This study presents that problem from a different point of view. It was a wake-up call to physicians, telling them it DOES matter how their patients feel about what they’re eating. According to the article, more than 50% of IBD sufferers in one study felt sure that food “could” play a role in relapses. Quoting Dr. Kane: “Interestingly, nearly half of the patients in each disease group believed that raw vegetables could improve their symptoms…[but] Only 36% believed that their dietary behavior could lead to … nutritional deficiencies.”

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