White Sauce


White Sauce

Gluten-free, lactose-free, FODMAP friendly

Yield: 1 cup

White sauce has a boatload of uses. It can serve as a base for gravy (substitute meat drippings for the butter) or creamy soup (see the CCF Tomato Soup recipe for an example); it can absorb a dollop of pesto to create a lovely alternative to tomato-based pasta sauce; or all by itself, it can turn a bowl of cooked peas and potatoes into something special. Well, you might want to add a touch of basil to that. Here’s another: While a cup of rice cooks, sauté a few vegetables and add them with a can of tuna to a batch of white sauce, and you’ll have tuna-rice casserole. I bet you’ll think of other ways to use white sauce without half trying.

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